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Our Vision

The Passion: A Brickfilm tells the story of the Christ's crucifixion like never before! Thousands of brickfilms (a movie made using LEGO®) are being made every year, and kids all over the world watch them on a daily basis. I believe this is an amazing opportunity to reach a wide audience with God's love. In the last few years, we have seen a number of quality Christian brickfilms, but almost no Bible movies. Our vision at Bricktime Studios is to change that, by bringing the Bible to life in a way that is both powerful and engaging.

The Passion: A Brickfilm is 30 minutes long and takes a beautiful look into the love and sacrifice of Jesus. It covers the biblical story from Gethsemane to the Great Commission. With a diverse cast, stunning visual effects, and lovingly designed historical sets, The Passion: A Brickfilm invites viewers into the most important story ever told. 

Our Hope

Our hope is that The Passion: A Brickfilm could be used as a tool by parents, teachers, Sunday Schools, and churches to share the gospel. Just like the Bible isn't only for adults, The Passion: A Brickfilm isn't just a kids movie. The love of Jesus can't be limited to an age group, and so LEGO® fans of all ages will enjoy, and be impacted by this film again and again. 

Our Story

Josh Carroll is 17 year old junior in Highschool. He is passionate about reaching the world for Christ, and currently lives in Uganda, Africa as a missionary kid. Josh has been making Bible movies, documentaries, and other Christian productions for over 7 years. His plan is to become a professional director.

2010 - present
2010 - present

A message from the producer 

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